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Rockbros bike lock RKS626-BK

Want to protect your bike from theft? The Rockbros RKS626-BK clasp will help you do just that! It is made using the highest quality hardened steel, which gives it incredible resistance to damage - don't worry about someone cutting or breaking it. The accessory is also equipped with a sturdy double lock, which was created from high-grade zinc alloy. What's more, the clasp is waterproof, lightweight and handy - it can accompany you almost anywhere.

Reliable protection

Have confidence that your bike is adequately protected against theft. The clasp is made of hardened steel and zinc alloy, making it resistant to cutting, impact and even drilling. You don't have to worry about a potential thief damaging it! The accessory is also distinguished by its thickened design - the diameter of its bars is about 22.5mm, which translates into an even higher level of security. The clasp also has a special silicone coating that protects the bike from scratches.

Double lock

The accessory is equipped with a double lock - to open it, you need to unlock both ends. This gives your bike an extra degree of protection! Also noteworthy is the carefully considered design of the clasp, which allowed to minimize the risk of opening it with a pick or other sharp object. What's more, the specially designed keys are extremely difficult to possibly forge.

Works well in any situation

The clasp is extremely handy, simple to use and easy to transport. The included handle allows you to attach it to your bike, or you can hang it on your handlebars or stow it in your backpack. The accessory is also waterproof - thanks to the silicone coating, you don't have to worry about the steel rusting. In addition, a special cover protects the keyhole from water, dust and dirt.

In the box

  • Bicycle lock
  • Key x2
  • Holder
MaterialAluminum alloy + zinc alloy + silicone
DimensionsApprox. 21x10cm

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