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PolarPro CP Circular Polarizer filter for DJI Mavic 3 Classic

Create even more stunning aerial shots. The CP filter dedicated to the DJI Mavic 3 Classic drone is an extremely useful accessory for landscape photographers. It allows you to get better contrast and color saturation, so you can effortlessly prepare stunning photos or videos. The product uses high-quality CinemaSeries glass and lightweight yet durable aluminum. What's more, the filter comes in a box with a magnetic closure.

Create spectacular shots

If you often shoot or record landscapes, the CP filter from Polarpro will be an almost indispensable piece of your equipment. The accessory provides excellent contrast and color saturation, reduces glare and reflections, and allows you to slightly darken the sky in your photos. You will successfully use it, for example, in compositions with water, snow, ice or leaves. Find out that capturing the beauty of the landscape does not have to require much effort at all!

Top quality workmanship

The filter frame was created from durable, yet extremely lightweight aluminum. Thanks to this, the product does not weigh down the drone and does not negatively affect its flight time. What's more, high-quality CinemaSeries glass was used to make the accessory, which guarantees fantastic clarity and stands out for its low refractive index. The filter is placed in a practical box with a magnetic closure, which makes it much easier to store and transport.

In the box

  • CP filter
  • Storage box
Filter typeCP
MaterialAluminum + CinemaSeries glass
CompatibilityDJI Mavic 3 Classic

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