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Rockbros MJBT1001 inner tube repair kit

Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and be sure that a punctured tire on your bike won't ruin your trip. The Rockbros MJBT1001 repair kit will allow you to quickly repair a tube without glue - see how easy it is! What's more, all the necessary components are in a compact box, so you can always have them on hand.


With Rockbros, repairing an inner tube yourself turns out to be extremely simple and fast. You will manage it without any problems! All you need to do is to locate the puncture spot and then wipe it with the included sandpaper. The next step will be to glue the patch and press it down. Wait for about a minute and that's it - your tire is now fixed!

Always on hand

Are you going on a day-long bicycle trip? Or are you facing a ride on uncertain terrain? Have confidence that a punctured tire will not derail your plans! The MJBT1001 kit includes a small box for convenient storage of patches and sandpaper. It is lightweight and compact enough for you to carry with you at all times - it will easily fit in your frame bag, backpack or kidney!

In the box

  • Patch for inner tubes (26x26mm) x6
  • Sandpaper
  • Box
MaterialSoft rubber
Dimensions of one patch26x26mm

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