Καλώδιο USB MFI Acefast C3-01, USB-C σε Lightning, 30W, 1.2m (λευκό)

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Acefast C3-01 USB-C to Lightning cable (white)

Equip yourself with the Acefast cable and charge your devices quickly and safely. The C3-01 provides fast PD 30W charging and is compatible with PD 20W. Using high-quality materials, the cable is resistant to wear and tear, plus it has reinforced connectors and is compatible with many Apple-branded devices, as evidenced by its MFi certification.

Fast power restoration

The Acefast C3-01 USB-C to Lightning cable provides fast charging with 30 watts of power, but it also works well for data transfer and will send photos, music or essential documents in no time. The cable powers connected devices with 3A max, and is perfect for renewing the power of an iPhone or iPad. It is also compatible with a wall charger, car charger and powerbank.

Outstanding durability

Acefast's USB-C to Lightning cable has been subjected to durability tests that show it is not afraid to bend up to 25,000 times. So you can use it without worry, and the product will serve you for a long time. Strengthened connectors and the length of the cable (1.2 m) are also a plus, which translates into high comfort of use.


Currentup to 3A
PowerUp to 30W
Length1,2 m
Weight33 g

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