Καλώδιο USB-C για Lightning Baseus Dynamic 2 Series, 20W, 2m (πράσινο)


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Baseus Dynamic 2 Series USB-C to Lightning cable 2 m (green).

The Baseus Dynamic 2 Series cable works with Apple-branded equipment. It allows fast charging with up to 20 watts of power and supports the PD protocol. Advanced safety features guarantee safety during use. In addition, the cable allows simultaneous data transmission and charging.

Instant charging

The Baseus Dynamic cable allows charging with up to 20 watts of power and supports Power Delivery fast charging, which means it is compatible with Apple devices. It only takes 30 minutes to power up your iPhone's battery to 60% - up to 3 times faster than a standard charger!

Durable and damage-resistant

You don't have to worry about your smartphone or tablet getting damaged while charging! The smart chip automatically adjusts the amperage and voltage to the connected device, providing it with the highest level of safety while charging. What's more, it automatically regulates the temperature to prevent damage. The braided housing protects the cable from deformation and breakage during prolonged use.

Charge and transfer data at the same time

With the help of the cable you can charge and transfer data at the same time without any hindrance - just connect it to your computer. The product allows you to transmit data between devices at speeds of up to 480 Mbps. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to give up charging your smartphone while transferring photos or videos to your laptop!

ModelDynamic 2 Series
Length2 m
PowerPD 20 W
Input interfaceUSB-C
Output interfaceLightning
Transmission speed480 Mbps

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