Καλώδιο γωνίας USB-C 3.1 Baseus Hammer, 100W, PD, 4K 1.5m (μαύρο)

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Fast transmission and instant recharging

The concentric cable has an external, independent shield, which has a strong anti-interference capability, dedicated for stable audio and video transmission. This allows us to avoid stuttering the preview screen during transmission.

1000Mb Data transmission

Maximum transmission speed is 10Gbps. The cable supports 4k @ 60Hz resolution transmission. A new version of the Type-C PD3.1 specification has been used, which supports up to 1000Mb write speed.

Fast device charging

The cable supports fast charging of computers, phones and other devices, for example, it takes 2 hours to fully charge the iP Book Pro 16, while the full charge of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is less than 1.8 hours.

1 second streaming at 4K UHD resolution

Connect your computer to the screen and projector to enjoy the transmitted image on the big screen.

Connect your smartphone to the TV

Stability without delay thanks to the concentric Baseus cable.

Angular design

The angled design never locks hands, so you can enjoy free use. Classic design, blocks hands, making it impossible to use freely.

High flexibility and bending resistance

The cable is made of high quality PVC sheath, not only provides flexibility but also does not break and is resistant to wear.

  • iP - iP Book Pro / Air series
  • Huawei - MateBook 14 / 13
  • MateBook X / X Pro 2019
  • MateBook E / E2019
  • Xiaomi - Pro 15.6" / Air 12.5 / 13.3"
  • Asus - Lingyao 3 / 3 Pro / Lingyao X series
  • U4100UN / ROG series
  • Lenovo - Rescuer Y7000 / Y7000P / Y9000K
  • Yoga6 Pro/ ThinkPad X1
  • Dell - G3 / G5 / G7 / Inspiron 5000 / 7000 / XPS15 series
ModelBaseus Hammer Cable Type-C PD3.1 Gen.2
Product codeCATPN-01
MaterialZinc alloy
ColorBlack and grey
Length of cable1.5 m
Size of connectors22 mm
15 x 22 mm
ConnectionsUSB - C
Charging power100W (20V/5A)
Data transfer10Gbps

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