Καλώδιο εκτυπωτή USB 2.0 C-B UGREEN US241 έως 2m (μαύρο)

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Ugreen US241 - the practical cable you need

Ugreen US241 cable is a high-end accessory, with which you can quickly and conveniently connect devices such as printer, scanner or fax to your computer or laptop. Made of durable materials, flexible in the range of up to 90° and 180°, and 2 m long, it will provide you with the comfort of use and stable, secure connection you care about.

Full compatibility

You don't need any more adapters - Ugreen is compatible with most devices you can use. The universal USB-C adapter is ideal for laptops, computers and Macbooks. It is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3, while the USB-B plug works perfectly with scanners, printers and fax machines. Connecting selected devices to your computer can be really easy and convenient - try US241 and find out!

Instantaneous data transmission

Ugreen will surprise you with the speed of data transmission - it is up to 480 MB/sec. Thanks to that you will be able to transfer your files between your laptop and the chosen device in a flash. Printing, scanning, faxing - all this can take less time than ever before. Forget about the unbearably long waiting time - thanks to the incredible data transmission speed US241 will save you time.

Created for your convenience

The cable is made of high quality materials, which ensure its strength and flexibility. You can bend it freely - there is no risk of damage, which is confirmed by the flexibility tests conducted on it. To create the shield US241 we used TPE material, which ensures high durability and prevents excessive twisting of the cable. A length of 2 m is enough to ensure your work comfortably. Flexible, durable and comfortable to use - Ugreen cable was designed to impress you with its functionality.

Product code50446
InterfaceUSB-C 2.0 - Printer cable
Data transfer rate480Mbps
Length of cable2 m
MaterialNickel-plated plug

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