Καλώδιο DisplayPort 1.4 UGREEN DP112 8K 60Hz HDR 3D 2m (μαύρο)

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DisplayPort - DisplayPort Cable

High-quality DisplayPort cable - DisplayPort lets you connect your computer, laptop or MacBook to a device with a larger screen. Duplicate or split screens and work more efficiently or show your presentation on a larger display. 


Made of galvanized copper covered with environmentally friendly material, the UGREEN cable has gold-plated connectors, which guarantee the absence of any interference and high resistance to corrosion and wear. Nylon cable is resistant to fractures and abrasion.

Large possibilities

The cable has been made according to version 1.4, so it supports 8K 60 Hz, HDR, 3D, as well as transfer speeds up to 32.4 Gb/s.

ConnectorDisplay Port do Display Port
MaterialAluminum + Nylon + gold-plated connector 24K
Resolution2K @165Hz, 4K @144Hz, 8K @60Hz
DisplayPort version1.4
Data transfer rate32,4 Gb/s
HDR supportYes
3D supportYes

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