Inphic M1P Ασύρματο αθόρυβο ποντίκι 2.4G (γκρι)


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Wireless mouse with charging function

The Inphic mouse is distinguished by a modern and minimalist design. You can choose from 3 DPI levels, which makes the M1P perfect for surfing the Internet, playing games and using it at work. Moreover, the well-thought-out design allows you to use the product on different surfaces.


Charge function

The Inphic brand mouse is equipped with a 500mAh battery, which is enough for several months of use. Thanks to the indicators on the mouse, you will always be informed about the battery status and charge the device on time. In addition, after a minute of non-use, the mouse goes into standby mode to save power.


Plug & Play

With Plug & Play, all you have to do is plug the nano USB receiver into your device. You don't need any additional software. The 2.4 GHz connection ensures a stable and fast connection without annoying interference.


Minimalist and modern design

The mouse has been designed so that its design will match any device. The mouse is also distinguished by its quiet operation. The left and right buttons have been designed in such a way that their use does not interfere with the work of others, so you can use the M1P, for example, in the library without worry.


Lightweight and compact

The manufacturer has taken care of the M1P in every way. The slim, 27 mm design not only makes it easy to use, but also to store. The product will easily fit into your laptop bag or backpack. In addition, the lightweight and ergonomic design will not cause discomfort during prolonged use.


Packing list:

  • M1P wireless mouse
  • Nano USB adapter




Battery capacity500mAh
Dimensions112 x 57.5 x 27 mm
Resolution1000/1200/1600 DPI
USB response rate2402 - 2480 MHz
Voltage3.7 V
Working current≤10mA
Input voltage5 V 500mA
Operating systemWindows XP or higher



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