Ηλιακός λαμπτήρας Superfire FF10-B


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Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος0.52 kg


12 μήνες

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες


Superfire FF10-B solar lamp

FF10-B is a smart polycrystalline solar chandelier lamp. It features a high conversion rate, as well as an extremely short charging time. It is adapted for both outdoor and indoor operation. It is easy to install, and its universal design will work in almost any environment, providing bright light within a 3m radius.

Solar panel charged bulb

The chandelier is mounted with a bulb, inside of which there are LEDs arranged to provide the best possible illumination in any place. It will be a striking and practical addition to the garden, at the entrance of the house, or on the balcony. The power of its operation also allows it to effectively illuminate streets, or fences.

Long-lasting performance

The lamp offers a full power setting, for solid illumination. You can reduce its operation to 50%, as well as 25% when you want to make it more moody. Charging time is only 4-6 hours, while running time varies from 3-8 hours depending on the mode.

Remote control

The SuperFire FF10-B automatically turns off when it gets light. With the help of the remote control, you can control its operation. You will turn it on and off when you want, set the operating time, and the brightness of the light you are interested in.

For special tasks

You don't have to worry about heavy rain. The solar lamp is fully waterproof, so it doesn't need to be dismantled even during prolonged and heavy rainfall.

Range3 m
Operating time8-10 hours
Temperature resistance-10~45°
Solar panel dimensions170 x 105 x 40 mm
Dimensions of the chandelier180 x 70 mm

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