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Deerma ZQ990W 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and steam mop

Deerma ZQ990W is a practical device that acts as a vacuum cleaner and steam mop at the same time. Convenient to use and safe for health - it does not require the use of chemicals. The power of 1300W ensures high efficiency of the device, and several working modes will allow you to adjust its operation to your needs. The product is also easy to use and suitable for many applications.

Multifunctional device to save time

The device has the function of vacuuming and mopping your floors at the same time, which will save you a lot of time - cleaning can take up to 2 times less than usual! The 100°C (or higher) temperature treatment provides deep cleaning without chemicals. This way, you can easily deal with even the most stubborn stains and dirt. The ZQ900W is suitable for cleaning a variety of floor types - including tiles, marble, and even wood.

Your operation will not cause you any problem

Operating the device is fabulously easy and convenient. Simply pour water into the 380ml tank, attach it to a suitable place, turn on the ZQ990W and select the cleaning mode using the intuitive panel on the handle. It is equipped with 3 buttons for changing the mode, as well as a steam indicator. To remove the mop module, just press your foot in the right place. You don't even have to bend down!

Discover the extraordinary power of steam

With up to 1,300W of power, you can quickly generate hot steam that deeply penetrates the surface of objects and cleans them thoroughly. This makes it ideal for keeping things tidy. Similar technology is also used in industry and business, where it is used to clean vehicles or tableware in restaurants, for example. But it will work just as well in your home! The ZQ990W also lets you precisely control the amount of steam released.

High vacuuming efficiency

Thanks to the 4-stage cyclonic filtration and the dual-powered copper motor, the unit stands out for its high suction power and stable, reliable performance. The HEPA filter traps dust particles and dust mites, making the ZQ990W also ideal for people dealing with allergies. In addition, a special stainless steel mesh filters out hair, dander and larger debris, preventing the vacuum from clogging.

Perfectly designed mop

Microfiber, 3-layer mop absorbs water perfectly and reaches even hard-to-reach spaces to deep clean every surface in your home. It also insulates dirt. It is reusable. You can easily disassemble it, clean it and dry it. In this way, you will extend its life and make it serve you perfectly for a long time. The triangular shape of the mop module allows you to thoroughly clean your floors, even in corners.

Different cleaning modes - multiple uses

The Deerma ZQ990W offers 4 cleaning modes - synchronous vacuuming, steam cleaning and mopping, simultaneous steam cleaning and mopping, vacuuming, and dry mopping. It can handle all kinds of dirt - oil stains, spilled drinks, crumbs, hair, dust and even muddy marks. You don't have to worry about the health of children playing on the floor - it will be clean and shiny without the need to use harmful, chemical preparations!

Clean without getting tired

The ergonomic design of the device makes it incredibly comfortable to use. With Deerma, you will quickly see that cleaning doesn't have to be too strenuous. The specially designed handle fits perfectly in your hand and makes handling the vacuum cleaner extremely easy and comfortable. The long 5 meter cable provides freedom of movement and allows you to thoroughly clean every corner of your home.

Additional facilities especially for you

This unit, made of durable ABS plastic, has been fantastically balanced, so you can position it vertically at any time. This makes it easy not only to clean, but also to store the ZQ990W. You can hook the cable into special built-in holders that help you avoid tangling. To empty the dust container, simply press a button. You can also wash certain parts of the device under running water.


  • Main unit
  • Floor nozzle
  • Mop
  • Handle
  • User manual
  • Floor nozzle carrier
NameDeerma Steam Vacuum Cleaner ZQ990W
Rated voltage220-240V~ 50-60Hz
Water tank capacity380ml
Noise level≤90dB
MaterialABS + PP + PC
Rated power1300W (steaming), 550W (vacuuming)
Vacuum degree≥10kPa
Dust cup capacity1.2l

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