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Deerma DX888 vacuum cleaner

Make cleaning easier for yourself. Deerma DX888 upright vacuum cleaner provides high comfort and stands out with suction power of up to 15,000Pa. Thanks to this, it can perfectly cope with dirt. Removing dust from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies will be made easier by the included interchangeable brushes, and the large 0.45-liter waste container can be emptied by pressing a single button. The device can be used in several ways - it will work both as an upright and handheld vacuum cleaner. Its assembly or disassembly will not cause you any problems.

Use it the way you want

The vacuum cleaner is distinguished by its modular design, so you can easily adapt it to your needs. Its main components (the main unit with dust tank, handle, wand and brush) mount separately, allowing different configurations. The unit will also work well as a handheld vacuum cleaner. Mount the main unit closer to the brush for easy floor vacuuming, and attach it to the handle to shift the center of gravity and effortlessly clean curtains or collect cobwebs from the ceiling.

Your helper in the fight against dirt

Now you can get rid of dust, crumbs, dander and other debris in no time. The DX888 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful motor, whose output reaches 600W. This allows it to eliminate dirt quickly and effectively. The device also uses triple filtration and a specially designed cyclone system. As a result, it removes dirt even better and stably keeps the suction power at an optimal level. Win the battle against dust and enjoy a clean home!

Comfort of use

Find out that cleaning doesn't have to require much effort at all. The DX888 vacuum cleaner features a thoughtful, ergonomic design. Its large triangular handle is curved at an angle of 106°, which makes it fit perfectly in your hand and does not strain your wrists. What's more, guiding the device is extremely easy and convenient - its brush is equipped with small wheels, which will work well on various surfaces. The vacuum cleaner is also relatively lightweight - you can easily lift it to vacuum curtains or higher shelves.

Improved floor brush

Soon all the floors in your home can be sparkling clean. The DX888 vacuum cleaner is equipped with an improved brush that is perfect for cleaning a variety of surfaces - from tiles to carpets. It is extremely thin, and can also be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise within 150°. This makes it easy to vacuum the floor under furniture or in corners. Also noteworthy is the large brush opening - its width is as wide as 230mm, which allows you to quickly clean larger areas.

Additional brushes in the set

You will also find 2 additional brushes in the set, which will make it easier for you to vacuum hard-to-reach corners. The crevice brush will allow you to get rid of dirt from narrow places, such as the recesses in sofas and chairs. The triangular soft brush is ideal for cleaning furniture surfaces - with its help you can easily remove dust, hair, crumbs or hair from the sofa or mattress. Now you can easily make your home dazzlingly clean!

Even more conveniences

The vacuum cleaner is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble - you can easily adjust it to your needs. Its storage won't be a problem for you either - the device is equipped with a practical wall mount. You also have at your disposal a capacious 0,45-liter dust container - to empty it, just press a button. You don't even have to get your hands dirty! What's more, the vacuum cleaner was created from durable ABS plastic, making it extremely durable and easy to clean.

In the box

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Handle
  • Tube
  • Floor brush
  • Soft brush
  • Crevice brush
  • User manual
NameDeerma vacuum cleaner
Suction power≥ 15 000 Pa
Rated voltage220-240 V
Rated frequency50-60 Hz
Rated power600 W
Capacity of dust container0,45 l
Noise level: <85 Db
Weight [kg]:2.1 kg (with packaging 2.8 kg)
Working range [m]:5m cable

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