Ηχητικές οδοντόβουρτσες με σετ κεφαλής και θήκη FairyWill FW-508 (Μαύρο και ροζ)


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FairyWill FW-508 sonic toothbrushes with tip set and case (Black and Pink)

Do you dream of healthy, dazzlingly white teeth? We have something especially for you! The FairyWill FW508 sonic toothbrush generates vibrations at a frequency of up to 40,000 per minute and offers a choice of 5 modes. It's also equipped with a smart 2-minute timer and a long-lasting battery that provides up to 30 days of use on a single charge. The set includes 2 FairyWill FW-508 toothbrushes, a case, and replacement tips. Gift one toothbrush to a loved one and start the day with a smile!

Enjoy the feeling of freshness for longer

The toothbrush uses vibration, the frequency of which is as high as 40,000/minute. This means that it guarantees a thorough tooth brushing in just 2 minutes! FairyWill FW-508 is also equipped with a smart timer that reminds you to change the brushed area of your mouth every 30 seconds with a short pause. After 2 minutes, the toothbrush will automatically turn off. That's all it takes to enjoy the feeling of cleanliness and freshness!

Choose your favorite mode

FairyWill offers up to 5 modes of operation, so you can adjust its operation to your needs and preferences. Clean mode is great for everyday use. There's also a White mode for eliminating stubborn tartar and stains, a Massage mode for massaging your gums, and a Polish mode for polishing your front teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, Sensitive mode will be ideal for you.

Created with comfort in mind

FairyWill FW-508 can accompany you in the bath or shower. The toothbrush is distinguished by its IPX7 rating, which means it is splash-proof! Without any worries, you can wash it under running water to prolong its life and reduce the risk of bacteria multiplication.

Additional tips

You'll also find replacement toothbrush tips in the kit. For best results, replace the tip regularly. No worries! The toothbrush itself will remind you to replace it - the colored bristles of the tip are starting to fade - this is the best time to use a new one.

Efficient performance

The toothbrush uses a durable battery, a single charge of which provides up to 30 days of operation. To replenish the energy of the toothbrush, it takes about 4 hours. The product supports a voltage range of 110-240 volts, which means that you can easily connect it not only to a regular mains charger, but also to a powerbank or laptop, for example.


  • Sonic toothbrush x 2
  • Replacement tips
  • Case


Model FW508Color Pink and Black
Vibration frequencyUp to 40,000 per minute
Operation timeUp to 30 days
Charging timeApproximately 4 h
Voltage range110-240 V

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