Habotest HT127B Ψηφιακό πολύμετρο γενικής χρήσης


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Habotest HT127B digital universal multimeter

Habotest HT127B digital multimeter is a multifunctional device that will prove useful during electrical work. The product allows you to measure voltage, resistance, capacitance and many other parameters. The multimeter has an easy-to-read display that allows you to conveniently read the measurement results, plus it is equipped with a flashlight and practical buttons.

Many useful functions

Habotest HT127B digital universal multimeter is a handy device that surprises with the enormity of its capabilities. It allows you to measure with high precision AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, temperature or capacitance, among others. In addition, it offers a Live Test function, enables diode testing, non-contact voltage detection (NCV) and much more. Importantly, the multimeter has practical buttons with which you can efficiently select a function.

Well designed

Thanks to its small size (71.5 x 26 x 145 mm), the device fits well in the hand and provides high comfort. It is powered by four AAA batteries, which you can easily remove and replace. The soft material case is pleasant to the touch, plus it provides effective insulation and is drop-resistant.


  • Digital universal multimeter
  • Test leads
  • User's manual
DC voltage measurement range600mV/6V/60V/600V
AC voltage measurement range6V/60V/600V
DC current measurement range600mA/ 10A
AC current measurement range600mA/ 10A
Resistance measurement range600ꭥ/6kꭥ/60kꭥ/600kꭥ/6Mꭥ/60Mꭥ
Capacitance measurement range6nF/60nF/600nF/6µF/60µF/600µF/6mF
Frequency measurement range60Hz/600Hz/6kHz/60kHz/600kHz/6MHz/10MHz
Fill factor measurement range1.0~99.0%
Temperature (°C/°F)-40°C ~ 1000°C / -40°F ~ 1832°F
Diode testingYes, 0~3V
NCVYes, audible and light alarm
Live testYes, audible and light alarm
Number of counts6000
Data storageYes
True RMS valueYes
Blown fuse indication functionYes
Low battery indicatorYes
Automatic power offYes
Jack input port indicatorYes
Power supply4x 1.5V AAA battery
SafetyEN61010-1, CAT III 600V
Dimensions145 x 71.5 x 26 mm

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