Φωτοβολταϊκό πάνελ BigBlue B446 200W


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Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος8.5 kg


24 μήνες

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες


Photovoltaic panel / solar charger BigBlue B446

Opt for ecological solutions, save electricity and pay lower bills. Photovoltaic panel BigBlue B446 allows you to use freely available solar energy. Its efficiency is over 20% and its power output reaches up to 200W. What is more, the foldable design of the product makes it much easier to transport.

A reliable source of energy

Get electricity from the sun. BigBlue photovoltaic panels with monocrystalline cells have a high efficiency of over 20%. That means it works extremely efficiently and stably. With its help you can easily charge your power station. You do not have to worry about running out of power!

Foldable design

Going camping or on a camping trip? Take the solar panel with you and enjoy almost unlimited access to electricity, wherever you go. The product is characterized by a foldable design, thanks to which its transport will not cause you any problems. The dimensions of B446 after folding are only 530x530x60mm.

Even more conveniences

The photovoltaic panel B446 has been equipped with special supports that make it possible to set it at the optimum angle. This allows you to draw even more energy from the sun. In addition, the set includes a DC cable with Anderson connector and a set of 10-in-1 connectors, so you can easily connect the product to your power station.

In the box

  • Photovoltaic panel
  • DC cable with Anderson connector
  • Set of 10 in 1 connectors
  • User manual
Cell typeMonocrystalline
Rated power200W
Rated voltage (Vmpp)18V
Rated current (Impp)11.11A
Open circuit voltage (Voc)21.6V
Short-circuit current (Isc)11.6A
Dimensions after folding530x530x60mm
Dimensions when unfolded2840x530x5mm
WeightAbout 8.5kg

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