Φορτιστής τοίχου με λειτουργία νυχτερινού φωτισμού LDNIO A4405, 3x USB, 22W (λευκό)


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LDNIO A4405 wall charger with night light function

LDNIO A4405 is a practical mains charger that can also function as a nightlight. It is equipped with 4 USB ports and offers an output current of up to 4.4A. It also allows you to choose between bright and dim light. It is made of high-quality materials and ensures safe use.

Charges up to 4 devices simultaneously

You don't have to wait until one device is fully charged before plugging in another. The charger allows you to use 4 USB ports at the same time! The product also offers an output voltage of 4.4A, and thanks to Auto-ID, it intelligently detects the plugged-in equipment and adjusts its operation according to its requirements.

Practical night light

The A4405 is not only a functional charger, but also a small bedside lamp. To turn it on, just press a button! You can also customize the lighting to suit your needs. Simply press and hold to switch between bright and dim light. What's more, the device automatically remembers your last used settings and restores them when you turn it on again.

Carefully considered design

The charger also stands out for its improved, carefully thought-out design. It presents an exceptionally modern and elegant appearance. High-quality materials were used in its construction, which translates into its durability and resistance to damage. You also don't have to worry about the safety of the charger or the devices connected to it.

Available ports4x USB
Output current4.4A (max.)

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