Φορτιστής 3 υποδοχών Telesin για GoPro Hero 9 / Hero 10 (GP-BCG-902)


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Telesin GP-BCG-902 charger for GoPro Hero 9 / 10 batteries

The Telesin charger allows you to quickly charge up to 3 GoPro Hero 9 and 10 sports camera batteries simultaneously. The advanced security system protects them from damage. In turn, the light weight of 27.5 g and compact size make it also perfect for traveling. The device has been equipped with special LEDs that glow red while charging, and green when the battery is fully charged.


It charges your camera's batteries instantly

The charger supports 5V-2A fast charging. It is compatible with the original GoPro Hero 9 / 10 batteries and it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge one of them! When it finishes charging, it automatically stops working, which makes the charger energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


Total safety of use

The complex security system ensures that you can use the product without worry. Among other things, the device is equipped with protection against overcharging, overloading, overvoltage and short circuit. Freely charge the batteries of your GoPro Hero camera - neither they nor the charger is in danger of damage!


Always on hand

The device is also incredibly handy, lightweight and compact, which makes transporting it not even a problem. The small weight and dimensions of only 51.7x59.6x20.4 mm allow you to conveniently pack the charger to your backpack, suitcase or handbag, so you can take it with you almost anywhere - outdoors or on vacation. Your sports camera's batteries will always be ready to provide the energy to create original shots!





Name3-slot charger for GoPro Hero 9 / Hero 10
Input voltage5V 2A
Output voltage4.4V
Dimensions5.96 x 5.17 x 2.04 cm


Packing list


Telelesin GP-BCG-902 3-slot charger
USB-C cable



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