Φίλτρο CPL PGYTECH για DJI Air 2S (P-16B-061)

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CPL filter for DJI Air 2S PGYTECH P-16B-061

Are you looking for a way to get even better quality images taken with your DJI Air 2S? Try PGYTECH's CPL filter, which eliminates glare and provides vibrant, natural, stunning colors. By rotating it, you can change the polarization effect. The product is made of high-quality German SCHOTT glass and aircraft-grade aluminum, so it is incredibly lightweight yet durable. Special protective coatings protect it from dirt and damage. The filter is also easy to install and features a perfect fit for the DJI Air 2S.

Highest image quality

Creating stunning aerial photography may be easier than you think. Made from repeatedly ground and polished SCHOTT glass, the CPL filter reduces glare from reflective surfaces such as water or glass windows. It also increases color saturation and gives images a more expressive, vivid character. For example, you can use it to capture the contrast between blue skies and white clouds. You can also rotate the filter to change the polarizing effect.

Forget the hassle of cleaning

The product is surprisingly durable and easy to maintain. It's coated with a 2-sided, multi-layer nano-coating that repels water and oil, so you can easily keep it clean. The filter is also scratch-resistant. So it will serve you perfectly for a long time.

Made for DJI Air 2S

Concerned that the accessory will overload your drone and affect flight quality? Don't be! The weight of the filter is only 2g. The frame made of CNC aircraft aluminum gives it incredible lightness and strength at the same time. It is also distinguished by resistance to corrosion. The product is also perfectly matched to the DJI Air 2S. It will not disturb its balance and will allow you to enjoy a smooth, exciting flight.

NameDJI Air 2S Filter (Professional)
MaterialAluminum, optical glass
Net weight2g
Filter effectPolarization blocker
Effect on colorDehaze, increased saturation/contrast, increased clarity
PurposeDJI Air 2S

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