Φακός Superfire C8-H, 950lm, USB

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Superfire C8-H Flashlight

The Superfire C8-H flashlight is distinguished by its high power of 15W and brightness of up to 1200lm. This makes it perfect for many scenarios. It offers 5 operation modes and its handling is fabulously simple. You can conveniently charge it via USB cable. The advantage of the flashlight is also its water resistance which allows you to use it freely almost regardless of the conditions.

The perfect light source

With high power and high brightness flashlight is ideal for use both at home and outside. You can use it during a night hike, a fishing trip, exploring interesting places or working in the workshop. You will never run out of light - the C8-H will light up any darkness!

Lights in 5 modes

Adapt the device to the current situation by selecting from the 5 available operating modes. The C8-H can generate a strong, medium or weak light, as well as a strobe effect. You can also use it to send an SOS signal. So as you can see, it is perfectly adapted to the changing needs of users.

Amazing simplicity of use

The flashlight is equipped with a practical button on the bottom. Press it harder to turn the device on or off. Press it more lightly to change the light mode. Using the Superfire C8-H is, as it turns out, fabulously easy!

The rain will not harm it

The device is waterproof, which allows you to use it in various weather conditions. Rain or accidental splashing is not a big threat to it. Use your flashlight without even the slightest concern - water is no obstacle!

Battery life that gives you plenty of options

The USB rechargeable battery of the flashlight provides a runtime of about 1-3 hours. So you can use the device for a really long time. With its help you can safely return home after dark, repair your car at night on the side of the road or find your pet lost in the dark.

Your comfort and safety are most important

Weighing only 184g, the flashlight is extremely compact and handy. Superfire also ensures safety of use - C8-H has excellent heat distribution, so the device is not in danger of overheating and you do not get burned. The package also includes a practical lanyard, with which you can conveniently hang the flashlight on your wrist and protect it from loss.

Light sourceLED
Rated power15W
Runtimeup to 1-3h
Theoretical luminanceup to 1200lm
Fall resistantup to 1m

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