Φακός Nitecore P10i, 1800lm, USB-C

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Nitecore P10i Flashlight

Nitecore P10i is a tactical flashlight for special tasks. It shines with a brightness of up to 1800lm and allows you to use Strobe Ready technology. Perfect for self-defense, it will also work well during tactical operations, patrols and search operations. Durable rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of runtime and the ATR technology makes the P10i optimally adapt its operation to environmental conditions. What's more, the included accessories will make using the flashlight easier.


3 brightness levels

Adjust the flashlight's performance to your needs and the situation. The device offers 3 levels of brightness and a special Strobe mode. It has been equipped with 2 buttons, which allow for its simple and convenient operation. The flashlight is extremely handy and lightweight - it weighs only 84g. It fits perfectly in your hand and is small enough to accompany you almost anywhere.


Perfect illumination

The flashlight uses the Luminus SST-40-W LED and is designed in such a way that it can provide bright, steady and even light. It lights up to 1800lm and has a range of up to 290m. Also available is the 2nd generation Strobe Ready technology, which was created specifically for tactical operations. Flashing bright light at a random frequency will help blind and disorient a possible attacker.


USB-C charging

The kit includes an improved 21700i battery with a 4000mAh capacity. Thanks to it, a fully charged flashlight can work for up to 50 hours at Low brightness level (35lm). Charging the device is enabled by the USB-C port, which has also been equipped with a special cover to protect it from dust and water. You will be notified about the battery status by the built-in light indicator.


Waterproof and rugged

The flashlight is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and a hard anodizing process (military grade HA III) is used to finish it. This makes the P10i incredibly durable and resistant to damage. Even a fall from a height of up to 1m will not scare it. The device is also characterized by IP68 water resistance and you can safely submerge it to a depth of up to 2m. All this makes that it will not fail you even in extremely demanding conditions.


Many practical accessories

The kit also includes several practical accessories that will make it easier to use the flashlight and will be useful, for example, during tactical operations. The package includes, among others, the NTH10 holster, lanyard, CR123 battery compartment, and a clip that allows you to attach the P10i to a belt or pocket. The product is also compatible with many additional accessories that can be purchased separately. These include, for example, various brackets and mounts, a diffuser, a remote switch, a signal light and a quick-charging system.


In the box

  • P10i flashlight
  • 21700i Nitecore NL2140i battery (4000mAh)
  • CR123 battery compartment
  • NTH10 tactical holster
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • Clip
  • Spare O-ring




BrightnessUp to 1,800lm
RangeUp to 290m
Working timeUp to 50h
LEDLuminus SST-40-W
Power1x 21700i battery (included) / 2x CR123 (sold separately)
Impact resistanceUp to 1m



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