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Air Magicube Air Purifier

PetKit Air Magicube is an intelligent odor absorber that is perfect for pet owners' homes. It effectively eliminates odor, viruses or formaldehyde. Despite its small size, it is effective in areas up to 30m2. The LED display and the ability to pair the device with the PetKit app make it fabulously easy to use.


Take care of your health

Magicube is excellent at dealing with all kinds of harmful agents. It absorbs odor and breaks down its particles while preventing the proliferation of bacteria. It turns out to be extremely effective against the H1N1 virus - it neutralizes it with an accuracy of 99.9%. It also eliminates Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, among others. By using the PetKit purifier, you will take care of the air quality in your home and your health.


Reliable purifying refill

A concentrated refill developed at PetKit is responsible for effective air purification, among other things. The included bag holds 300ml of it, which after mixing with water is enough for about 2 months of use. Professional and safe - breaks down harmful agents in the air with the help of active amino acids.


As many as 4 modes of operation

The Magicube can operate in 4 modes that work well in different situations. At night, activate the quite mode to enjoy a peaceful sleep. You can use the standard mode for everyday use, and the powerful mode will help you improve the quality of extremely polluted air. In auto mode, the device automatically adjusts its performance to the ambient temperature and humidity.


With the app you can do more

Add Magicube to the PetKit app to gain access to additional features and settings. With it, you can control the purifier remotely - for example, run it when you're at work. You also have the ability to create cleaning schedules for it, adjust its parameters, and change modes.


Easy to use

The purifier is equipped with an easy-to-read LED screen, which displays, among other things, refill replacement reminders. Intuitive buttons allow you to operate the device comfortably - with their help you can, for example, change the operating mode or lock the device against children. The brightness of the display can be adjusted from the PetKit app.



The device is designed to impress with its efficiency while providing comfort. It is exceptionally quiet - in night mode its volume level is about 31dB. The absorber is also energy efficient, so you don't have to worry about your electricity bill getting too high. It is also equipped with a hair-absorbing, two-layer mesh filter, which elements can be washed.


Small size, huge performance

The device is perfect for small and medium-sized apartments. It is extremely lightweight and compact. So you can put it anywhere you want or move it from place to place, if necessary. The small size of the purifier combines with its incredible efficiency - you can successfully use it in rooms of up to 30m2. Such a large range of Air Magicube is possible thanks to its innovative design that ensures adequate air flow.



  • Intelligent air purifier x1
  • Adapter x1
  • 300 ml purifying refill x1




Weight (with adapter)1.15kg
Voltage6V DC
App controlYes



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