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Standing Fan 2S

Are you tired of hot weather? Do you dream of a gentle, pleasantly cool breeze in your home? Smartmi Fan 2S will be a real hit! This wireless fan works for up to 20 hours on a single charge, and with 7 fan blades and a brushless DC motor, it guarantees a smooth airflow. It is also possible to control the device remotely using the app.


Nature a reliable source of inspiration

On hot days, nothing provides such a pleasant chill as a gentle breeze. That's why Smartmi engineers, when designing Fan 2S, decided to recreate the natural breeze. Through thorough, long-term research, they succeeded in achieving this goal. Carefully considered design and advanced algorithms make this unique fan perfectly imitate a natural breeze.


Quiet and efficient

The Fan 2S is distinguished by its varying frequency of gusts, which means that it perfectly imitates real wind. Its brushless DC motor and specially developed algorithms are responsible for such interesting operation of the device. Thanks to these solutions the fan also consumes much less energy, and its noise level can be as low as 28.6dB (at speed 1). Fan 2S cools you down perfectly, saving you from annoying noise.


Take it anywhere you want

Customary wired fans can only work where there is access to an outlet. With Fan 2S, it's much simpler - a built-in 33.6Wh battery lets you use it wirelessly. The fan can keep you cool for up to 20 hours on a single charge. Move it freely from room to room and enjoy a pleasant breeze wherever you want!


Practical windmill design

As many as 7 fan blades, which are shaped like leaves, are responsible for smooth, even airflow. They also make it possible to achieve even very high ventilation speeds. Moreover, their clever design makes Fan 2S consume even less energy.


Perfectly cools you down, no matter what you're doing

The height of the fan is 96cm. It represents a kind of golden mean and ensures that you can enjoy pleasant gusts no matter what you are doing. Sitting on the sofa watching a movie? Alternating between the fridge, countertop, and stove while you prepare dinner? Or lying in bed browsing social media on your smartphone? Fan 2S will always keep you cool!


Perfectly thought-out design

Smartmi Fan 2S will serve you perfectly for a long time. Made of durable ABS plastic - it is very little susceptible to damage, wear or loss of color. The fan motor won't let you down either - it features high energy efficiency and incredible longevity. What is more, Fan 2S is child's play to install, and keeping it clean is not even the slightest problem.


See what you can gain with the app

When you pair your fan with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, you gain access to additional features and capabilities. Control the device remotely, create timers, enable normal or breeze mode - check out what else is waiting for you. You can also customize the speed of the Fan 2S, choosing from 100 settings. The Smartmi brand fan will work exactly the way you want it to!




NameSmartmi Standing Fan 2s
Wireless connectionWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Rated voltage100-240V
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated power25W
Power supplyBattery/wire
BatteryLithium-ion, 33.6Wh
Operation timeUp to 20h
Minimum noise levelAbout 29dB (A)
MaterialABS + anodized aluminum alloy
WeightAbout 3.5kg
ApplicationMi Home/Xiaomi Home
Additional featuresRemote control via app, 100 different speeds to choose from, timer, 4 available angles: 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°



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