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Intelligent Wi-Fi switch

The Sonoff brand smart switch also has a power measurement function. The module controls lighting, appliances and motorized objects. The product is TUV certified and has a high level of reliability and quality.



With the Dual R3 you can remotely close, for example, external blinds, curtains, open windows, close the garage door, turn off the grill, etc. The smart switch from Sonoff also has a schedule function, with which you can set the time for opening and closing the curtains or roller blinds.


Remote control

The Dual R3 is compatible with the free eWeLink app, allowing you to see the status of connected devices and control the relay from anywhere. In addition, the app works with Android and iOS devices such as a tablet or phone. Dual R3 also works with voice control using Siri.



The power metering feature will help you save on your electricity bill. Just use the schedule option to adjust the settings to your needs. You can also check the historical power consumption data using the app.



The Dual R3 has been tested, making it safe to use. The product provides protection against electric shock, overcharging and is resistant to mechanical damage. The shell is made of insulating material, it is resistant to high temperatures and moisture.



Sonoff Dual R3 works with switches for lighting, for example, monostable momentary, staircase or bistable and switches for roller shutters, for example, monostable momentary, double momentary or 3 position stable. The type of switch used must be configured in the eWeLink application.


In the box

  • Sonoff Dual R3
  • Mounting adapter




NameDual R3
Supply voltage100-240V AC
Resistive load3300W/15A (total), 2200W/10A (gang)
Motor load10-240W/1A
Dimensions54 x 49 X 24mm
Wi-Fi2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Mini contoller usedESP32
Working temperature-10°C ~ 40°C
Working humidity5%-95% RH, without condensation
Number of channels2
CompatibilityTablet or smartphone with Android or IOS
MaterialPC V0



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