Etui Nillkin Υφή θήκη S do Apple iPhone 14 Pro (czarne)


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Nillkin Textured Case S for Apple iPhone 14 Pro (black)

Opt for optimal protection for your smartphone with a case from Nillkin. The product is made of high-quality materials, providing a combination of functionality and durability. The case has a slide-out window for the camera and supports wireless charging. The presented model is designed for the iPhone 14.

Optimal protection

Top-class materials were used in the production. The combination of PC plastic with reinforced construction at the edges (TPU) influences high durability, protecting the phone more effectively. What's more, the nylon fiber does not block wireless charging.

Thoughtful design

The case was designed with functionality in mind. It offers a sliding window for the camera, so the level of protection for the smartphone's sensitive areas is very high. The edges of the case feature a non-slip texture for easy use of the iPhone.

ModelNillkin Textured Case S AP IP14 Pro Black
Weight42.8 g
Dimensions151.86 x 75.85 x 2.9 mm
PurposeiPhone 14 Pro

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