Επιφάνεια προσγείωσης για drones Sunnylife 50cm γεωγραφικές κατευθύνσεις (DJI-TJP05)


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Sunnylife drone landing pad 50 cm (DJI-TJP05)

The Sunnylife landing mat is made of water-resistant material. With a diameter of 50 cm, it will work well for drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro / Phantom 3 / 4 / Pro / Pro+, etc., and the included carrying case will make storage easier.

Thoughtful design

The mat was made of water- and scratch-resistant material, so you can use it regardless of the conditions. What's more, the non-slip finish ensures stability. In addition, cleaning the DJI-TJP05 will not be a problem for you. The mat is also equipped with symbols indicating world directions, so you can locate the position of your drone faster.

Convenience of use

In addition to the landing pad, the kit comes with a special case to store the mat and ensure safe transportation. In addition, in the package you will find 3 plastic mounting pins to increase the mat's stability and 8 reflective strips to make landing after dark easier.


  • landing pad
  • case
  • plastic mounting pins x3
  • reflective strips x8
Dimensions of the case27 x 29 cm
Mat diameter50 cm
CompatibilityDJI Avata, Mini 3 Pro, FPV, MAVIC AIR 2, MAVIC MINI, SPARK, MAVIC PRO, Phantom 3, Phantom 4/PRO/PRO+, etc.

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