Ενσύρματα ακουστικά 1MORE Triple-Driver (χρυσό)


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1MORE Triple-Driver wired in-ear headphones (gold)

Fall in love with music all over again. 1MORE's Triple-Driver are the first headphones in the world to receive THX certification. They feature as many as three drivers that deliver an amazing listening experience. The high quality sound is also confirmed by the Hi-Res Audio certification. Thanks to the ergonomic design and remote control, use of the 1MORE product is extremely convenient. The high-end microphone allows you to talk freely.


Carefully refined design

Specialists took part in the design process of the Triple-Driver, thanks to which an exceptional sound effect was achieved. The headphones are equipped with three drivers that provide realistic and richly detailed sound. The solution used also made it possible to minimize distortion. The high class of sound is confirmed by Hi-Res Audio certification.


High-quality microphone

The Triple-Driver headphones offer a MEMS microphone that accurately captures sounds. By placing it close to your face, you can comfortably make phone calls without having to move the microphone to your mouth.


Remote control

With the cable-integrated remote control, you can conveniently manage incoming calls and the music player. If you are using an Android-based device, you will additionally gain the ability to adjust the volume level.


Durable and stylish

When designing the Triple-Driver headphones, the focus was not only on functionality and convenience of use, but also on durability. The hardware is made of sturdy PET material, as well as aerospace material, which is extremely lightweight. In addition, the headphones are distinguished by a subtle shine, making them look extremely stylish and a great addition to a variety of styles.



  • Headphones x1
  • Pair of interchangeable caps x8
  • Case x1
  • Air adapter x1
  • Clip x1
  • Sticker x1
  • User manual x1
Connector3.5 mm
Sensitivity99 dB
Frequency range20 - 40 000 Hz
Rated power5 mW
Cable length1.25 m
Weight18 g

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