Ενσύρματα ακουστικά 1MORE Piston Fit (μπλε)

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1MORE Piston Fit wired in-ear headphones (blue)

Hear even more with 1MORE headphones! Piston Fit are made with extreme care, keeping in mind the comfort of use. The dual-layer composite diaphragm is responsible for the natural and richly detailed sound, while the built-in microphone allows you to make phone calls with ease. A remote control integrated into the cable allows comfortable operation. An additional advantage is the unique design, thanks to which the headphones will perfectly complement almost any styling.


A new musical experience

The Piston Fit headphones feature a double-layer titanium composite diaphragm to achieve a richly detailed and dynamic rhythm effect. This allows you to take your musical experience to a new level and hear every detail of your favorite songs.


Unobstructed conversations

Don't give up on keeping in touch with your loved ones, even when you're in an extremely crowded place such as a shopping mall or train station. The 1MORE brand headphones feature a high-end microphone that will accurately record your voice and allow you to talk without interference under any circumstances.


Convenient operation

No longer do you have to reach for your smartphone every time you want to answer or reject an incoming call or manage your music player. The remote control, integrated into the cable, allows for convenient operation, with a button life of more than 100,000 clicks. So you can be sure that the 1MORE headphones will serve you for a long time.


Wide compatibility

1MORE headphones are equipped with a 3.5mm connector, so they stand out for their wide compatibility. You will successfully connect them to most portable digital devices, such as Android-based smartphones, iPods and iPads. The possibilities are indeed many!


Careful craftsmanship

In order to better fit the headphones into the ear canal, the front acoustic chamber has been designed taking into account the design of the ear and inclined at a 45° angle. The cable is made of durable and damage-resistant materials. Also noteworthy is the stylish design, which will appeal to almost all users.



  • Wired headphones x1
  • Pair of interchangeable caps (S, L) x2
Connector3.5 mm
Rated power5 mW
Frequency response20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity100 dB/mW
Cable length1.25 m
Weight14 g

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