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The ENCHEN brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.


ENCHEN Sharp-X Hair Cutting Machine

With ENCHEN, you'll feel like you're in a hair salon in your own home. The Sharp-X hair clipper is equipped with titanium and ceramic blades, which allow you to cut hair quickly, yet precisely. The device works cordlessly and is extremely handy. The speed of its motor reaches 6200rpm, which translates into incredibly efficient performance. It is also possible to adjust the length of the blade in the range of 0.8-2mm. The set also includes 4 comb attachments and a comb.


Specially designed blade

ENCHEN Sharp-X razor is perfect for both thin and thick hair. It is equipped with ceramic and titanium blades, which are distinguished by their high hardness, durability and resistance to corrosion. They are also skin-friendly and non-allergenic. So you don't have to worry about irritation! What's more, rounded corners increase the safety of use and minimize the risk of injury.


Impressive performance

What else makes the ENCHEN Sharp-X razor perform so well? The device has a modern, powerful motor that runs at speeds as high as 6200rpm. This allows for fast and efficient clipping. The shaver is also distinguished by its extremely quiet operation. Its noise level does not exceed 65dB. So you can easily use it to cut your child's hair - don't worry that the annoying noise will be uncomfortable for him!


Comfort of use

Ensure greater comfort when cutting hair. The razor fits perfectly in your hand and is very easy to use. Lightweight and handy - its eventual transportation will also not cause you any problems. Take it with you on vacation and use it whenever you need! You can also easily remove the head of the device and wash it under running water for optimal hygiene, reduce the risk of bacteria multiplication and avoid skin problems.


Adjustable blade length

Adjust the razor to your needs and get the desired results effortlessly. The device is equipped with a special dial that allows 5-step adjustment of the blade length in the range of 0.8-2mm. Thus, for example, you can use the shaver to trim your baby's hair and style sideburns. It also comes with 4 comb attachments (3-12mm), which will make it even easier for you to create different hairstyles.


Cordless operation

The Sharp-X razor works wirelessly. So you can free yourself from cables and gain more freedom while cutting! The durable rechargeable battery ensures a long run time, and it only takes about 3 hours to charge the device. The kit also includes a practical USB cable, with which you can charge the razor not only with a regular charger, but also with a powerbank or computer, for example.


In the box

  • Hair clipper
  • Comb
  • Blade oil
  • Charging cable (USB)
  • Cleaning brush
  • 4x comb attachments (3-12 mm)
Noise levelApprox. 65dB
Rated voltage5V
Rated power4W
Charging timeApprox. 3h
Blade length adjustment0.8-2mm



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