ENCHEN BOOST 2-W Κουρευτική μηχανή μαλλιών

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ENCHEN BOOST 2-W hair clippers

The Enchen hair clipper will save you both time and money. The device has a 4600 rpm motor and rounded blades for safe use. It offers a Turbo mode and features an ergonomic design. What's more, its operation is simple, and the USB-C port will facilitate charging.


The product is equipped with a powerful motor that runs at 280 rpm and uses frequency conversion technology (EC001). In addition, it offers a Turbo mode, allowing you to cut even faster. What's more, the device comes with high-quality blades with adjustable length from 0.7-21 mm - a task made easier for you by the included comb attachment.

Thoughtful design

BOOST 2-W is distinguished by its ergonomic design - the razor fits perfectly in your hand. Moreover, it has one convenient button, so its operation will not cause you any problems. In addition, the head of the device can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Safety of use

The device is designed to make it safe to use. The blades, which are rounded on the sides, prevent injury, and a special light indicator will let you know the battery level. What's more, it has intelligent charging protection.

Convenient charging

The Enchen hair clipper is equipped with a USB-C port, so you can charge it easily. You'll be able to connect the BOOST 2-W to your computer, powerbank, or mains charger.


  • razor
  • comb attachment
  • instruction manual
ModelBOOST 2-W
Dimensions165 x 42 mm
Speed280 rpm
Blade length adjustment0.7-21 mm

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