Ελεγκτής τάσης 12-1000V Jimi Home JM-G2704

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Jimi Home JM-G2704 voltage tester, electronic, 12-1000V

The JIMI Home JM-G2704 electronic voltage tester will find its use during electrical work at home or at work, for example. It allows you to safely and accurately measure voltage. It allows you to check break points and detects active and inactive cables. It has a sound and light alarm, and will also inform you of low battery voltage. In addition, it is equipped with a flashlight and will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of non-use.

Accurate measurements

The JIMI Home JM-G2704 allows you to measure voltage without contact and adjust the sensitivity in the range of 12~1000V or 48~1000V. What's more, you can use it to detect active and inactive cables, as the color indicator will tell you. Besides, it allows you to check break points - you will be notified by a sound and light signal. The alarm will also provide information about high/medium/low voltage.

Thoughtful design

The product is finished with a pleasant-to-the-touch material, and a practical clip will allow you to clip the tester to your pants or shirt pocket. In addition, it has a flashlight, which will make it easier to work in poorly lit rooms. What's more, if the battery voltage drops below 2.5V, the tester will signal this message with a light signal. On the other hand, the device will automatically turn off when the voltage reaches less than 2.4 V.


ManufacturerJIMI Home
Voltage detection range12/48~ 1000 V
Operating frequency50/60 Hz
Type of alarmSound and light
Non-contact phase detectionYes
IlluminationRed and green
Cable activity testingYes
FlashlightYes, LED
Automatic shutdownYes, after 5 minutes of inactivity
Low battery indicatorYes
NCV sensitivityHigh/low, manually adjustable
Power supply2x battery No. 7
Safety levelCAT. III 1000V/CAT. IV 600V
Weight55 g
Dimensions160 x 23 mm

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