Deerma DX1000W όρθια ηλεκτρική σκούπα


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Βάρος6.05 kg


12 μήνες

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Deerma DX1000W vacuum cleaner

Find out that cleaning can be fun. Convenient to use, the Deerma DX1000W upright vacuum cleaner delivers up to 16,000Pa of suction power to dissect dirt in no time. The included 3 interchangeable brushes allow you to thoroughly clean every corner, and the 3-stage filtration effectively eliminates dirt. The device also impresses with its elegant, artistic design.


Reliable in the fight against dirt

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-performance motor that runs at up to 38,000 revolutions per minute. Simply turn on the DX1000W and it will immediately start removing dirt effectively. Its straight air duct is also responsible for the exceptional efficiency of the device. All this makes the vacuum cleaner deal with dust, crumbs and other debris in no time, without even skipping the crevices in the floor.


Efficient vacuuming

The device is designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Regular, everyday cleaning? Or a general clean-up of your home in the spring or before the holidays? With Deerma DX1000W you can easily get rid of even the most stubborn dirt from all corners of your home.


The perfect floor brush

The 240mm wide floor brush covers a large area of the floor, making vacuuming much easier. It rotates 120° clockwise and counterclockwise, as well as 90° forward and backward. So you can comfortably clean under furniture or between the legs of chairs and tables. Nothing will be hidden from you - soon all the floors in your home can be sparkling clean.


Additional brushes included

The set also includes a flat crevice brush and a small brush for cleaning more demanding surfaces. With the first of them you can easily vacuum the recesses in the chairs, sofas and couches. The second one can be used for thorough cleaning. It allows you to clean delicate or uneven surfaces, such as laptop keyboards.


Effective dirt filtration

Get rid of dirt for good. Internal cyclonic system effectively traps larger debris. The 3-stage filtration system with HEPA filter blocks even the finest dust particles. What's more, all 3 of its components can be easily disassembled, washed under running water, then dried and reused. This way, you will prevent its clogging and prolong its life.


Easy emptying of the large dust container

No more getting your hands dirty to empty the dust container. With the DX1000W, all you have to do is unscrew it and simply dump the accumulated dirt into the dustbin. You can then clean and dry the container to keep it in good condition for even longer and ensure hygienic use. The capacity of the container is 0.6l, so you don't have to empty it too often.


Vacuum effortlessly

The 130° curved vacuum cleaner handle provides unparalleled comfort. It takes the strain off your hands and allows you to clean thoroughly without much effort. What's more, it has been designed to give you a firm and comfortable grip, no matter at what angle you hold it. Move the vacuum cleaner freely, pick it up or carry it between rooms - it doesn't have to be tiring at all!


You'll use it in tons of ways

What makes the DX1000W vacuum cleaner perfect for different applications? Its multifunctionality and versatility! You can easily pick it up to vacuum shelves or the ceiling. It can also be used as a smaller hand vac. The interchangeable brushes allow you to reach even the most inaccessible corners. The long, 5m long cable gives you the freedom you dream about when vacuuming.


Stunning design

The Deerma DX1000W vacuum cleaner can not only be a functional, but also a stylish addition to your home. It catches the eye with its elegant, classic design. The rose gold detailing perfectly complements the beautiful sapphire color of the body. See for yourself that household appliances do not have to be boring!




NameVacuum cleaner
Rated voltage220-240V~
Rated frequency50-60Hz
Rated power600W
Suction powerUp to 16,000Pa
Motor speedUp to 38 000rpm
Dust hopper capacity0.6l
Noise level≤82dB(A)
Cable length5m



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