Darkflash Phantom Computer Case + 6 ανεμιστήρες (μαύρο)


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Darkflash Phantom Computer Case + 6 fans (black)

Made of tempered glass, the Phantom computer case stands out with its unique design and provides an excellent view of the individual parts of your device. It can accommodate up to 11 fans and other components. The magnetic design makes it easy to keep the model clean and the support of the RGB control mode allows you to give your computer a unique character. An independent hard drive enclosure makes it possible for you to provide even more efficiency to your device. In the kit you will also find 6 fans.

Perfectly thought-out design

The 4mm thick tempered glass not only guarantees the incredible durability of the case, but also makes the inside of the computer perfectly visible. That gives you a lot of possibilities! For example, you can install RGB fans to enjoy amazing light effects. The painted 0.6mm SPCC steel gives the case a modern and metallic structure. Moreover, the magnetic design of the top cover helps protect the product from dust and makes it easy to clean.

Optimal solutions for efficient cooling

With Darkflash, you don't have to worry about your computer overheating. The internal cooling duct effectively protects your computer against this. The case supports the installation of up to 11 fans. This way you can easily take care of the proper cooling of your computer.

Wide expandability

This is not the end of your possibilities though! The product is compatible with many different devices, and its user-friendly design makes their installation fabulously easy. For example, you can easily install SSD and HDD drives, a 375mm VGA card or a power supply. Take advantage of the expandability and create the perfect PC for you.

Additional capabilities

The chassis is equipped with several features that will make your work easier. USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports allow for fast data transfer. A headphones / speaker output and a microphone input are also available. The model also supports RGB mode control so you can get unique lighting effects. Try out these features and make your computer look even better!

Even more performance

Do you want your computer to run and cool more efficiently? We have great news for you! An independent hard drive enclosure allows you to get more efficiency out of your individual components. It's your new way to build the hardware of your dreams!

In the box

  • Computer case
  • Fan x6
Housing typeMid-tower
MaterialSPCC 0.6mm
Net weight8.8kg
Motherboard standardATX, Micro-ATX
HDD / SSD mounting options2 / 2
Expansion card slots7 + 2 (VGA x2)
Max. graphics card length375mm
Max CPU cooling height175mm
Power source mounting locationBottom
Fan mounting optionsFront: 120mm fan x4 / 140mm fan x2;
Rear: 120mm fan x2;
Bottom: 120mm fan x3;
Top: 120mm fan x2 / 140mm fan x2;
Number of fans included6
Water cooling mounting optionsFront: 240mm (360mm) water cooling;
Rear: 120mm water cooling;
Top: 240mm (280mm) water cooling;
PortsUSB 3.0 x2, USB 2.0 x2, headphone/speaker output, microphone input
Front panelTempered glass
Right and left panelTempered glass

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