Darkflash DLM21 Mesh θήκη υπολογιστή (λευκό)


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Darkflash DLM21 Mesh computer case

If you are looking for a computer case that will impress you with its stylish design and allow you to expand your hardware with a number of functional components, the DLM21 Mesh will prove to be a real hit! The mesh front and tempered glass side panel provide a convenient view of the computer's interior, while the magnetic design gives you easy access to it and makes it easy to replace parts. An internal cooling channel and the ability to install additional components eliminates the problem of hardware overheating. The case also has a USB 3.0 port, among other features.


Carefully thought-out design

You no longer need to use tools to disassemble the case and replace parts. You can conveniently open the magnetic side panel whenever you need it. Made of tempered glass - it provides an excellent view of individual computer components, as does the mesh design on the front. All this also makes it possible to achieve excellent lighting effects. The product is also distinguished by its excellent texture, for which 0.6 mm painted SPCC steel is responsible.


Optimal solutions - efficient cooling

Don't be afraid of computer cooling problems. The product is compatible with various types of components. For example, you will successfully install 2 120/140 mm fans with air cooling and a 240 mm fan with water cooling. In total, you can install as many as 6 fans! The case is also equipped with an internal cooling channel.


Extensive expansion possibilities

However, this is not the end of your possibilities! The model's wide compatibility and user-friendly design make it easy to expand or upgrade your computer. Among other things, the case allows you to install SATA 2.5 drives or a 210mm power source.


USB 3.0 compatibility

Discover the advantages of high-speed USB 3.0. The corresponding port located on the top of the case will provide you with even more convenience. It is also backward compatible with USB 2.0. The product is also equipped with HD audio and USB 2.0 ports, so you can successfully adapt it to your needs and create the perfect computer for you!


Case typeM-ATX
Side panelMetal mesh
Front panelTempered glass
Motherboard standardM-ATX, ITX
Power supply standardBottom, ATX
Internal bays 2.5/3.5"3.5'HDD*2, 2.5'SSD*2
Expansion card slots4
Max graphics card length350 mm
Max CPU cooling height160 mm
Maximum number of fans6
Number of installed fans0
Fan installation optionsFront: 120 mm fan*3; Top: 120 mm fan*2 or 140 mm fan*2; Rear: 120 mm fan*1
Water cooling mounting optionsRear: 12 mm water cooling; Top: 240 mm water cooling
Buttons and controlsPower, Reset
ConnectorsUSB 3.0 *1+USB2.0*2+HD Audio
Material0.6 mm SPCC
Height405 mm
Width208 mm
Depth376 mm
Weight5.8 kg

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