Darkflash DC240 PC Water Cooling ARGB 2x 120x120 (λευκό)


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Darkflash DC240 water cooling

Have confidence that your computer will meet any challenge and not overheat. Darkflash DC240 water cooling uses 2 fans and is designed to dissipate heat efficiently. Its additional advantage is ARGB backlighting, thanks to which you can effortlessly achieve stunning visual effects. The device is compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

Hassle-free installation

Forget about problems with cooling installation. The DC240 is compatible with a variety of Intel and AMD processors, and installation is a breeze. You can also synchronize it with your motherboard (3 pin 5V connector). The device also has a PWM hub (with 3 ports - 1x PWM/FG, 2x PWM 3 pin or 4 pin). What's more, even if there is no corresponding port on the motherboard, you can still control the LED mode with the Reset button on the case.

Stylish, modern design

Take care not only of optimal cooling of your computer, but also of its modern, stylish appearance. The DC240 cooling unit features colorful ARGB backlighting for a fantastic look. Also noteworthy is the specially designed water block, which catches the eye with its original design on the case. Want to get even more interesting effects? Combine the cooling with other components with backlighting!

Improved fans

The cooling uses 2 fans (4 pin PWM, 5V A-RGB connectors), each equipped with 9 blades. They also feature high efficiency and surprisingly quiet operation, made possible by special anti-vibration pads. Say goodbye to loud, annoying noise! In addition, the fans support PWM function, which means that they can automatically adjust their speed depending on the CPU temperature.

Reliable cooling

Don't be afraid that your computer will overheat. The cooling has been equipped with a copper base that allows efficient heat dissipation. It also has an E-shaped water channel, which managed to increase the efficiency area of its operation. What's more, the DC240 uses high-performance ceramic bearings, an efficient, corrosion-resistant pump and 2 densely woven braided pipes. All this has made it possible to significantly increase its efficiency and extend its service life.

In the box

  • Water cooling
  • Intel & AMD mounting kit
  • Set of screws
  • Thermal conductive paste
  • PWM connector
  • User Manual
ModelDC-240 ARGB
Cooling typeWater
Dimensions of heatsink274 x 120 x 27mm
Dimensions of water block71 x 66,5 x 45mm
Pipe length400mm
Rotational speed3200RPM ±10%
Maximum noise level16-30.15dBA
Rated voltage12V
Starting voltage≥ 6V (power on/off)
Maximum rated current0.60A
Maximum power consumption7.20W
Number of fans2
Fan dimensions120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan speed800-2000RPM ±10%
Airflow84.2CFM ±10%
CompatibilityIntel: LGA 115x / 20xx (V3) / 12xx / 17xx;
AMD: AM5 / AM4 / AM3(+) / AM2(+) / FM2 / FM1;
TDP286 W

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