Darkflash C6 ARGB Σετ ανεμιστήρων υπολογιστή 3in1 120x120 (λευκό)

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Darkflash C6 3-in-1 Computer Fan Set

Efficient cooling and incredibly stylish design? With Darkflash it is possible! The C6 120mm computer fans are equipped with up to 9 blades and thanks to the perfectly thought-out design they work extremely quietly. They are distinguished by ARGB backlighting, which you can adjust to your preferences - 20 different color effects allow it. In the set you will find 3 devices - 1 main fan and 2 slave fans.

Create a reliable cooling system

The 120 mm fans fit many computer models. The C6 will surprise you with simple installation and reliable operation. Each fan is equipped with 9 blades that stand out for their carefully considered, aerodynamic design. Each fan is equipped with 9 blades that stand out for their carefully considered aerodynamic design, ensuring effective cooling of your hardware - forget about the problems with overheating.

No worries about noise

Say goodbye to annoying noise. High-performance hydraulic bearings keep noise levels below 20.3 dB (A). They have also made it possible to significantly extend the product's lifespan. Moreover, special anti-vibration pads provide the required stability. All this means that you can enjoy quiet and comfortable gaming with Darkflash!

Stylish RGB Backlighting

The colored backlighting of the fan blades provides an amazing effect. The ARGB mode can be controlled with the Reset button. Want to adjust the light to your preference? It's possible! The fan supports up to 20 fantastic lighting effects. Discover the available functions and give your computer the unique character of your dreams!

Size120x120 mm
Connector4 Pin
Speed1100 RPM
Maximum sound level20.3 dBA
Airflow36.54 CFM
Supply voltage12 V
Current0,16 A
Service life20000 h
Bearing typeHydro Bearing
Anti-vibration padsYES
Number of fans included3
Dimensions120x120x25 mm
Weight160 g

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