Smartwatch Colmi P15 (μαύρο)

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Colmi P15 smartwatch

Get yourself a lightweight, convenient smartwatch and make your life easier. The Colmi P15 weighs just 40g and features a 1.69″ color touchscreen display for easy access to its functions. Several sports modes will help you optimally plan your next workouts, while sleep or heart rate monitoring will help you take better care of your health. The durable battery of the device allows it to work continuously for up to 7 days.

Large touchscreen display

Enjoy an incredibly comfortable smartwatch experience. Colmi P15 is equipped with a 2.5D curved display with rounded corners. With a resolution of 240x280px, it is delightfully easy to read. The new and improved user interface makes it even easier to use the functions of the device. The screen is also extremely robust and scratch-resistant. You can also choose from a variety of available designs to customize its appearance according to your preferences.

Get healthy and fit

Now you can easily take care of your fitness. The P15 smartwatch can count steps and calories burned in real time throughout the day, measure distances traveled and exercise time, and monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. By analyzing the data it collects, you will get to know your body better and immediately learn about any disturbing changes, so you can respond to them quickly.

All the most important information is at your fingertips

Have you ever missed important information or forgotten something important? With Colmi you are no longer in danger! The smartwatch will immediately inform you about all incoming messages and notifications - now you will always have them at your fingertips. Don't want to oversleep for work anymore? Just set the alarm clock! You don't have to remember everything anymore - make your life easier with the Colmi P15.

Train with Colmi

Colmi also has something special for active lifestyle enthusiasts. The smart sports system allows you to measure your heart rate in real time as you exercise. The advanced G-sensor continuously records useful data that will allow you to accurately analyze your progress, better plan your next workouts and set goals. The P15 smartwatch accurately calculates your steps, calories burned and distance covered.

Improve your sleep quality

You surely know the importance of proper sleep quality for a healthy lifestyle. The Colmi P15 smartwatch can intelligently recognize its phases and collect useful data, the analysis of which will allow you to better know your biological clock and discover possible bad habits that would be worth eliminating. Now you will finally get some sleep! With Colmi you can improve the quality of your sleep and thus increase your comfort of life.

More surprises

Want more? The Colmi P15 smartwatch gives you a lot of additional possibilities! For example, you can use it to remotely play music from your smartphone or control its camera. This way you can easily create your best selfie! The device also offers the function of phone location. It will also help you perform relaxing breathing exercises. Using it, you can also conveniently check the weather forecast or set the timer.

Long runtime

Want to take your smartwatch on a mountain hike, bike tour, to work or for a workout? You no longer need to worry that it will refuse to work at the least opportune moment! Colmi P15 is equipped with a durable 220mAh battery, which allows it to work continuously for about 5-7 days on a single charge. What's more, in standby mode the device lasts up to 20 days!

Created for your convenience

Wear your new smartwatch for as long as you want and don't worry about fatigue or discomfort. Colmi P15 is light as a feather - it weighs about 40g. Its strap is made of skin-friendly TPU material, which is not only pleasant to the touch but also extremely durable. Don't hesitate to wear it for training, work or even when you're resting - this unique smartwatch is so comfortable that it won't get in your way!

Reliable in almost all conditions

What else makes the P15 smartwatch able to accompany you almost anytime, anywhere? IP67 water resistance! You don't have to take it off your wrist when you see it's going to rain, get ready for a workout, want to wash your hands or go for a swim. This unique device is fantastic for everyday use and more - drops of water or sweat are no threat to it!

In the box

  • Smartwatch
  • Magnetic cable
  • User manual
Display1,69″, touch screen, TFT, color, 240 x 280 px
Display coverGlass
Bluetooth version5.1
RangeUp to 10m
Flash memoryRAM 256KB, ROM 64MB
Acceleration sensorSC7A20
BatteryLithium polymer
Charging2-pin magnetic cable
Battery capacity220mAh
Charging timeAbout 2h
Operating timeAbout 5-7 days
Operating time in standby modeAbout 20 days
MaterialAluminum alloy + PC
WeightAbout 32g
StrapTPU, detachable
Strap width22mm
Water resistanceIP67
Supported systemsiOS 9.0 (or above), Android 5.0 (or above)

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