Baseus βαρυτική κάτοχος τηλεφώνου αυτοκινήτου Lite σε πλέγμα εξαερισμού (κρεμώδης)

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Baseus gravitational Air Outlet grip on the car grid

Make it easy to use navigation and have your phone always within reach in the car. The Baseus gravity mount will give your smartphone the necessary stability and is extremely convenient to use. It is also distinguished by its compact size. The specially designed mount allows you to install the accessory seamlessly on the grille, and the ball joint allows you to rotate it 360°. The mount is compatible with smartphones with a diagonal of 5.4-6.7″.

Unparalleled stability

Thanks to its carefully considered design, the holder can provide the smartphone placed on it with the necessary stability. The accessory offers your device as many as 6 points of support, and has also been equipped with soft silicone pads that guarantee additional protection for your smartphone and reliably keep it in place. No more unpleasant squeaking! You don't have to worry about shocks either - the holder will keep your phone stable even on bumps and speed bumps.

Hassle-free installation

The holder is equipped with a specially designed mount that allows you to quickly and stably install it on the car's grille. It also has innovative clamps that rotate from 0-45°. When you place your phone on it, it will automatically adjust to its shape, and when you remove it, it will return to its original position. All of this translates into incredibly convenient operation of the accessory - you can easily use it with one hand.

Compact size

This practical holder is extremely light and compact - in size it resembles an ordinary lighter. This means that it is about 80% smaller than standard accessories of this type! As a result, it does not obstruct the openings of the car's air vents, and avoids overheating of the phone. Importantly, despite its small size, the holder is compatible with many models of smartphones with diagonal from 5.4″ to 6.7″.

Tailored to your needs

The built-in ball joint allows the mount to rotate 360°. So you can position it exactly the way you want - vertically or horizontally, for example. What's more, you don't have to take your phone out of the case to use the accessory - specially designed clamps will give it the necessary stability. In addition, the holes placed in the right places allow you to conveniently charge your smartphone while driving and guarantee efficient heat dissipation.

NameStable Gravitational Car Mount Lite (Air Outlet Version)
MaterialABS + silicone
Place of installationCar air vent (holder does not fit round vents or uniquely-shaped vents)
CompatibilitySmartphones 5.4-6.7″
Mounting length95mm

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