Baseus Super Energy εκκινητής άλματος αυτοκινήτου 12000mAh, 1000A, USB (μαύρο)

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Baseus starter device - multifunctional and reliable

If you appreciate practical solutions, then the Baseus starter device and powerbank in one will surely delight you. With its help you will not only easily start your car, but also charge your phone or laptop. Thanks to the 12,000 mAh battery, you can use the starter up to 50 times after a single charge. The maximum amperage of 1,000 A ensures instant operation of the device. The accessory is also equipped with a convenient display. It can also function as a flashlight.


Fast starting of your car

The high maximum amperage means that it only takes a few seconds to start your car with the help of the Baseus starter - regardless of the condition of its battery. You no longer have to wait indefinitely - you'll be on the road in no time! The device is ideal for various types of vehicles - both with 12 V/6 l gasoline engines and 12 V/3.5 l diesel engines. Among other things, you will use this practical accessory to quickly start a Minivan, Sedan, SUV, motorcycle or electric car. You've never used a starter before and are worried about whether you can handle it? No worries! This remarkable device delights with its simplicity of use.


Safe in all conditions

The starter has been equipped with a number of safety features that make you enjoy its functionality without worry. You will successfully use it in even the most extreme conditions - it guarantees normal starting in temperatures from -20℃ to 60℃. The device is also protected against short-circuit, overcharging and overloading, among other things. All this ensures safe operation in almost any situation. What's more, the multifunctional smart starter cables included in the kit provide even greater efficiency and reliable protection.


It will never let you down

Charge the device once to gain the ability to use it again and again. The starter's power consumption is just 0.05 mA, which means that even if you forget to charge it for an entire year, it will still maintain about 85% of its power. As a result, it will never let you down - it will be ready for action at any time and allow you to start your car in no time! That's not all - the device is equipped with a practical digital screen that displays the battery percentage. Simply press the button to see if charging is necessary! The Baseus starter also has a USB-C port, which allows you to use it as a powerful powerbank and power up your selected equipment. No longer do you have to worry about your smartphone discharging in a critical situation - you'll always have a reliable power source at hand.


Excellent design

The starter is small and lightweight, and with a power rating of 44.4 Wh, you can even take it on a plane - as it meets all the necessary requirements. The design of the accessory is inspired by the beauty of classic sports cars - the specific placement of the lights and the metallic texture give it a unique character. The device also works perfectly as a handy flashlight. It can illuminate in 3 ways - continuously, in SOS mode and emitting a pulsating light that acts as a warning. Thanks to this practical solution, you will provide yourself with an additional source of illumination whenever you need it. You no longer need to carry several different gadgets - Baseus gives you a starter, powerbank and even a flashlight in one!


NameSuper Energy Pro Car Jump Starter
Rated output capacity7900mAh
Input5V-2.4A (Max).
USB output5V-2.4A (Max).
USB-C output5V-3A
Start-up voltage12V
Starting current600A
Maximum current1000A
Compatibility Gasoline engines12V/6l; diesel engines 12V/3.5l

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