Baseus Quick μεταφορέας ποδηλάτου για τηλέφωνα (μαύρο)


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Baseus bike carrier for phones

The holder will find its use not only on a bike, but also on a scooter or motorcycle. SUQX-01 is stably attached to the handlebars, you do not have to worry that your phone will be damaged while riding on a bumpy road. In addition, anti-slip pads protect your device. The holder is designed in such a way that attaching and removing your phone is quick and easy.



The phone is attached to the holder on 4 sides, keeping your device secure. The SUQX-01 fits snugly to your handlebars and has been lined with silicone on the inside, so the holder won't move around. TPU material overlays protect the edges of your device. Whether it's a bumpy road or a speed bump, your phone is protected from falling.


Comfort of use

When you attach your phone to the holder, you can still use it comfortably. The SUQX-01's 360° adjustment feature allows you to conveniently follow your route while traveling with navigation. The mounts located on 4 sides of the phone do not obstruct the screen or buttons, so comfortable operation of the device is still possible.


Thoughtful design

The product consists of 2 parts, so you can quickly and easily remove your phone from the holder without detaching the base. Thanks to the locking function, you can be sure that your device will not be damaged. The possibility of adjusting the size of the holder to the device makes the accessory compatible with 4.7 to 6.7 inches' phones. SUQX-01 can be attached to handlebars with diameter from 22 to 33 mm.




Dimensions135 x 85 x 110 mm
Applicable size of phones4.7 - 6.7”
Applicable size of handlebars22-33 mm
Compatibilitybike, motorcycle, scooter



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