Baseus Hub Adapter 7in1 USB-C σε 2x USB 3.0 + HDMI + USB-C PD


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Baseus 7-in-1 Adapter WKWG020113

Use the Baseus hub to transfer files instantly (500MB/s), charge your devices quickly (PD 100W) or display your files on a bigger screen in excellent quality (4K@30Hz). The accessory is equipped with as many as 7 ports, so you no longer have to worry about the lack of suitable inputs on your phone, laptop, etc. In addition, the LED indicator will inform you about the status of the device.

A range of available ports

The adapter is equipped with as many as 7 ports, for greater freedom of use. Using the two USB-C input ports, you can instantly renew your device's power with a PD of 100W or transfer files at 500 MB/s. You can also connect an HDMI cable and SD and TF memory cards to the adapter. An additional two USB 3.0 ports allow for data transfer (500MB/s) or 5V/1.5A charging.

Fast charging and data transmission

Use the Baseus adapter to charge your MacBook. The device will allow you to instantly renew your laptop's energy thanks to the PD 100W fast charging protocol. Besides, using USB 3.0 or USB-C ports, you can transfer files such as photos at speeds of up to 500MB/s.

Display images in high quality

The adapter will also come in handy at all kinds of conferences, business meetings, etc. Use the HDMI cable to connect the adapter to a projector, TV, monitor and other larger screens. The displayed image in 4K@30Hz quality will be clear and readable for everyone.


  • 7-in-1 adapter with USB-C cable


Materialaluminum alloy
Technologies usedSandblasting, anodizing
Input portUSB-C
PD port5V/9V/14.5V/20V 5A (Max.).
HDMI4K@30Hz HD Display (Max.).
USB 3.05Gbps (Max.), backward compatibility with USB 2.0
USB-C portData transmission up to 5GB/s, backward compatibility with USB 2.0
SD/TF portSD 2.0 data transmission and simultaneous reading
Standby current<400mA
Operating voltage5V-20V
CompatibilityMacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020, MacBook Air 2018/2019/2020, laptops with Type-C port, smartphones
Dimensions121 x 44.5 x 16mm

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