Baseus Halo Μαγνητικό δαχτυλίδι για τηλέφωνα, , MagSafe (Ασημί)


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Baseus Halo phone holder (silver)

The Baseus Halo magnetic holder will make using your cell phone easier. Its thickness is only 0.4 mm, so it fits perfectly to your smartphone. What's more, the minimalist design of the product will allow you to slightly refresh the look of your equipment! Inside the set you'll find two pieces of holders. 


Comfortably charge your devices with wireless chargers without removing the Baseus holder. The magnetic ring allows you to work with a variety of accessories equipped with the MagSafe function. Mounting the product won't be a problem for you - just stick it to your case or phone case!

Comfortable operation of your smartphone with one hand

The holder will increase your comfort while using your phone and make it easier for you to hold it in your hand. What's more, when placed on your finger, it will provide additional protection against accidental dropping of the phone or its theft in crowded places. From now on you will be able to operate your smartphone with one hand without any problems!

Perfect fit

Thanks to its small size - only 0.4 mm thick, the holder, when folded, perfectly adheres to the phone case! What's more, it becomes practically imperceptible once you attach it to your smartphone. You also don't have to worry about increasing the size and weight of your phone - you can even easily put it in your pocket after folding the ring.

ModelHalo Series Magnetic Metal Ring
MaterialStainless steel, 3M adhesive
Thickness0.4 mm
Diameter55 mm
Weight3.8 g

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