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Baseus car holder

Foldable car holder for Baseus phone can make traveling for you and your family much more pleasant. Its strength, load capacity up to 1000 g, adjustable distance and width as well as 360° rotation make it easy to adapt to your needs. Turn on the fairy tale for your children or watch your favorite TV show in the back seat of the car - Baseus will make sure that you are not bored on the road.

 Boredom is over!

From now on, you don't have to worry about what you'll do to your children while they travel - just mount your phone or tablet on the cradle and turn on their favorite fairy tale. You too can watch movies and series in the back seat - sit back and enjoy the show! Forget about shoulder or spine pains - Baseus will give you full comfort.

 Free adjustment

The folding design of the handle allows you to adjust it to your needs. The distance is adjustable from 5-25 cm, which gives you unparalleled freedom. When you don't use an accessory, you can simply fold it up so it won't take up too much space in your car..

 Wide range of compatibility

The capture is compatible with both phones and tablets. It accommodates devices with diagonals from 4,7″ to even 12,3″. So you can watch movies on the screen of your smartphone, which you use every day, or take the tablet with you and enjoy the advantages of its large display. Baseus gives you full freedom.

 Even more controllability

The handle can be rotated through 360°, so you can easily adjust its position to your needs. Position the phone vertically, horizontally or even diagonally - with Baseus you are not limited by anything.

 impressive load capacity

Despite its small size, the Baseus handle is distinguished by its very high strength. It can lift devices weighing up to 1000 g. So you do not have to worry that it will not handle your phone or tablet - it can easily carry them and provide them with stability.

 Reliable grip

The robust clamp guarantees a firm grip in all conditions. Rapid braking, slowing thresholds or bumpy roads - whatever the situation, your equipment is not in danger of falling. Baseus guarantees reliable stability.

 Quick and easy installation

Mounting the holder is trivially simple. Just open the clamp and place it on the headrest tube. Then tighten the screw cap. That's all it takes to mount the clip securely and enjoy the convenience of watching your favorite movies on the go!

ModelFun journey backseat lazy bracket
MaterialAluminium + ABS + Silicone
Supported measures4,7-12,3 inch
Color Black
InstallationClamping type

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