Baseus Enjoyment Series 4K αρσενικό σε 4K αρσενικό καλώδιο 1m Σκούρο γκρι


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High quality 4K HD cable

The cable is used to transmit video and audio signal without any loss of quality. By using only one cable to transmit audio and video simultaneously, the number of cables connecting two different multimedia devices is reduced. With its help you will create cinematic effects in your own home.

Functional and practical

The cable allows you to take a screenshot from your laptop or other device and transfer the image to a larger screen. It provides the highest quality picture and sound. It is perfect not only at home but also at work, at a conference or school.

Quality 4K

Cinematic image quality is now possible in your own home thanks to supported 4K and 3D stereo quality.

High quality of the cable

Thanks to the high quality of the cable, you do not have to worry about fast and wear and the need to replace it with a new one. It is made of materials resistant to minor mechanical damage. The cable also has reinforced endings, which protect against breaking in a sensitive area

NameVisual Enjoyment Series 4K HD to 4K HD Same-Screen HD Conversion Cable
Product codeCAKSX-B0G
MaterialAluminium + nylon braid
Lenght3 m
4K HD version2.0

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