Baseus 0.3mm Full-screen και Full-glass Tempered Glass Film (2pcspack+Pasting Artifact) για iPX/XS/11 Pro 5.8inch(2019)Μαύρο

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For even better effect


Baseus tempered glass is a great way to protect your phone screen. It has undergone a double hardening process, which makes it extremely resistant to scratches and impacts. The double hardening process makes Baseus glass 45% more durable than ordinary glass. Additionally, its surface is very pleasant to the touch, so it does not in any way limit the comfort of using the phone.



 Excellent protection 


Baseus protective glass is extremely thin, so it does not in any way reduce the comfort and convenience of using a smartphone. It allows you to react immediately, without delaying any processes.





Baseus protective glass does not affect the quality of the display, does not change colors or brightness. It does not affect the face recognition function. It provides excellent quality and protection.




Multiple layers


Baseus glass consists of multiple layers to protect the display but also does not reduce the quality of touch and image.



Easy to keep clean


Baseus glass is coated with a special coating that prevents fingerprints and other dirt from remaining visible.



Swift response to touch


Baseus glass has no effect on the touch and sensitivity of the smartphone.



Easy glass application on the screen


A special form is included in the set, which makes it much easier to put the glass on the phone screen. To put on the glass, clean the screen with a wet and dry cloth and remove dust particles with the included stickers. Then insert the mold, fit and apply the glass. Finally, press the glass with your finger and wipe with a dry cloth.







Model0.3mm Full-screen and Full-glass Tempered Glass Film (2pcspack+Pasting Artifact) for iPhone 11 Pro
Product codeSGAPIPH58S-KC01
MaterialTempered glass
Thickness0,3 mm
CompatibilityiPhone 11 Pro 5,8''
Included2x tempered glass, wet and dry cloth, form to attach the glass, stickers to remove dust


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