Ασύρματος φορτιστής Choetech T581-F με βάση (λευκό)

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Choetech T581-F inductive wireless charger with stand for iPhone 12 and Airpods headphones (white)

Don't be limited by unnecessary cables and rely on inductive charging from Choetech. The device acts as a wireless charger and phone stand at the same time. In addition, it allows you to conveniently top up the energy of two devices at the same time. The built-in magnet recognizes the connected electronics and provides an adequate supply of power to safely charge them in the shortest possible time.


Convenient charging

You don't need access to an outlet to renew the energy of your devices. The Choetech T581-F inductive charger will handle them wirelessly. All you have to do is put your phone to one of the magnets and charging will start automatically. The base allows you to connect all devices with inductive charging, while the holder is compatible with the iPhone 12 series.


Full security

The product uses a system that intelligently recognizes your equipment and adjusts the power supply according to it, ensuring full safety for your batteries. A number of safety features ensure that your equipment will not be in danger of short-circuiting, overheating, overcharging, etc.


Practical stand

The solid magnet of the holder not only allows you to charge, but also allows you to position your iPhone at a 30° angle. Such a position will allow you to comfortably participate in online meetings, record a video or simply make a hands-free video call. If you use smaller devices, such as headphones, you can easily refill their energy in the lower charging area. This solution will also allow you to save space on your desk and keep it tidy. Check out how convenient it is!


Set contents:

  • 1 x Phone stand
  • 1 x EU type plug
  • 1 x USB Type C cable


TypePhone stand with two inductive chargers
MaterialPlastic, aluminum
Charging socketUSB Type C
Input current5V-15V / 2A max.
Output powerUp to 15W (iPhone); up to 5W (Airpods)
Handle compatibilityApple 12 series devices
Compatibility of the baseAll devices that support inductive charging

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