Ασύρματος φορτιστής Choetech με βάση 2σε1

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Choetech wireless induction charger with stand 2-in-1

Charge your smartphone, wireless headphones and iWatch at the same time with Choetech wireless induction charger! The product has up to 3 functions, so it will serve you as a magnetic induction charger, magnetic stand and Mag-Safe charging station. The device will allow you to save space and will be great both at home and in the office. The maximum power of the charger is 15 watts.

Charge 3 devices simultaneously

Wireless inductive charger by Choetech allows you to charge as many as 3 devices at the same time. Efficiently and with the power of 15 W you will charge iPhone 13/12 and smartphone models equipped with Mag-Safe case. An hour is enough for your device's battery charge level to reach from 20 to as much as 80%. At the same time, you can charge wireless headphones (Airpod 4/3/Pro/Galaxy Earbuds/ Liberty Earbuds) with 5 watts, and iWatch (7/SE/6/5/4/3/2/1) with 3 watts. No need to limit yourself anymore!

Convenience of use

A second from the moment you bring your device close to the charger is enough to start the charging process. Thanks to the fact that you can situate the phone both horizontally and vertically, you can comfortably watch a movie, play a game or browse the web, while charging the phone at the same time. An LED indicator will inform you of your device's battery charge level. The charger's design saves space and keeps your desk looking neat. The device adjusts power and temperature to the device being charged, so you can safely use the charger even at night. A USB-C cable is included in the package.


  • Choetech wireless inductive charger
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual


OutputSmartphone: 15 W (max.) + wireless headphones: 5 W (max) + iWatch: 2.5 W (max)
MaterialZinc alloy + PC + ABS + Silicone
Diameter105 mm
Length146 mm
Weight235 g

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