Ασύρματο ποντίκι παιχνιδιών Delux M729DB BT+2.4G 16000DPI (λευκό)


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Delux M729DB wireless gaming mouse

Want to improve your performance in online games? Provide yourself with the optimal hardware! The Delux M729DB gaming mouse features a powerful optical sensor, 6 buttons and a capacious battery. The device also offers dynamic RGB backlighting, highlighting its modern character.

Speed and precision

The mouse is equipped with an optical sensor PMW-3325, which features smooth, precise operation. The mouse offers the possibility to adjust the DPI parameter in 5 degrees - 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 8000 / 16000. This will allow you to adjust its operation to your needs and increase your accuracy.

Convenience of wireless connections

Forget about tangled cables and bet on wireless solutions! The M729DB allows you to connect to your computer via a 2.4G adapter or Bluetooth module. What's more, a powerful 1,000 mAh battery guarantees long working time. You will restore the device's energy via a USB-C cable.

Ideal for gamers

The mouse has 6 buttons, so you will gain additional options during gameplay. It is distinguished by RGB backlighting, which you can customize from special software. With it you will also customize the operation of the buttons and gain access to macro programming.

Battery capacity1000 mAh
DPI800 / 1600 / 3200 / 8000 / 16000
Number of buttons6
Weight105 ± 5 g
Dimensions124.22 x 79.62 x 44.39 mm

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