Ασύρματο κάθετο ποντίκι Delux M618Mini BT+2.4G RGB 4000DPI (μαύρο)


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Delux Wireless 2.4G+BT Ergonomic Mouse M618Mini

Need a functional, comfortable to use computer mouse? The Delux M618 Mini Vertical Mouse will give you a new and unprecedented feeling of freedom when working on your computer. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, and its efficient power supply ensures long battery life on a single charge.

Functionality in every detail

The design of the device has been thought out in such a way as to make your work with a computer as efficient as possible. You can control the DPI level of the mouse, as you wish, by selecting one of 5 levels (800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2400 / 4000 with software). In addition, 6 silent buttons will ensure that you can adjust its operation to your requirements, providing peace and quiet. More possibilities mean better working comfort!

Efficient power supply

Forget about being limited by tangled cords! The Delux M618 Mini Wireless Vertical Mouse gives you the freedom of movement you need, while the long-lasting battery provides plenty of battery life. With its 1000mAh capacity, you'll be able to use your device for about 2 weeks on a single charge. You can conveniently fill up the battery via the included USB-C cable.

2 connectivity options

You can connect your mouse via Bluetooth and 2.4G bandwidth - freely switch between 3 devices at the same time. It's compatible with Windows and macOS, extending its functionality. Opt for versatility without sacrificing quality!

Modern design

The design of the mouse focuses on the combination of functionality and aesthetics. The design with RGB backlighting looks extremely modern and adds character to your workplace. Choose practical solutions, without giving up on visual values!

Set includes:

  • Mouse
  • USB-USB-C cable 1.4m
  • USB receiver
Mouse typeOptical, vertical
Mouse sizeSmall
Interface2.4G / Bluetooth
DPI800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2400 / max 4000 with software
Number of buttons6
Button life3 million clicks
Refresh rate125 Hz
Power supplyLithium polymer rechargeable battery
Battery capacity1000 mAh
Dimensions103x89x69 mm
Weight123 g
CompatibilityWindows 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Mac OS
OtherMacro buttons, dedicated software

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