Ασύρματο χειριστήριο παιχνιδιών iPega PG-9083B με θήκη για smartphone (φλόγα)


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The iPega PG-9083B Gaming Controller

Take your gameplay to the next level and break new records. The iPega gaming controller is compatible with Android and iOS, and with an adjustable width of up to 280mm, it can support a wide variety of devices - including smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth 5.0 guarantees a stable and fast connection. You can also connect the device via cable, so you can play comfortably on your PC or PS3. The long-lasting battery provides up to 15 hours of operation of the PG-9083B, and the ergonomic design means you can enjoy long hours of gaming without getting tired.


2 connection possibilities

You can connect the controller in 2 ways - wirelessly or with a cable. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to forget about any signal transmission problems. The PG-9083B provides a fast, stable and reliable connection - unexpected delays or stuttering will never stand in your way of victory again! You can also connect the device wired - for example, to a computer or console.


Perfectly thought-out design

The controller is distinguished by its sliding design, thanks to which you can adjust its width. This means that you can easily place a smartphone or tablet with dimensions of 13-28cm on it. The devices can be mounted both horizontally and vertically - it's up to you to decide how you like it. The slider located on the back of the controller allows you to lock the set width, ensuring the required stability.


Wide compatibility

Feel free to play on your favorite hardware. The PG-9083B is compatible not only with phones and tablets running Android 6.0+ or iOS 11.0-13.3.1, but also with PS3, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC, among others. This gives you almost unlimited possibilities. No matter what you like to play - iPega will help you win!


Ergonomic design

Game for hours without fear of wrist pain or fatigue. The controller was designed to provide you with maximum comfort. Made of durable, yet pleasant to the touch materials - fits perfectly in your hands and will not slip out of them. The easily accessible buttons make gameplay even more enjoyable - your next record is closer than you think!


Long runtime - convenient charging

Forget about unexpected, unwanted interruptions to your game. The controller is equipped with a durable 380mAh battery that provides up to 15 hours of battery life. You can charge it using the included microUSB cable. You can also use the controller while charging - so you don't even have to interrupt the game!




Bluetooth version5.0
Wireless connectionAndroid 6.0 or above, iOS 11.0-13.3.1
Wired connectionWindows 7 / 8/ 10, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch
Operation timeUp to 15h
Charging timeAbout 3h
Charging portMicro USB
Standby timeUp to 30 days
Battery capacity380mAh
Device width13-28cm
Charging current5V 500mA
Operating current3.7V 15mA
RangeUp to 8m



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