Ακροφύσιο ποτίσματος Baseus GF4, 15m (μαύρο)


Κωδικός προϊόντος: IP-031363 Κατηγορία:

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Βάρος1.23 kg


12 μήνες



Watering Spray Nozzle Baseus GF4

You will use this hose not only to water your plants, but also to wash your car or fill your pool. Robust workmanship ensures the durability and strength of the product, and 5 types of spray will allow you to adjust the device to your needs. Additionally, it has been equipped with a special lock and the 15 m hose is responsible for freedom of movement.


Different usage scenarios

The device will come in handy in many situations. With its help you can water plants in the garden, fill the pool, wash your car or dog. You can also use the hose to clean the fence in front of the house or glass windows.


5 stream types

Depending on your needs, you can use the different types of stream that the device offers. Use the spray, flat stream or drizzle for watering your plants. For proper lawn irrigation, a spray jet will work, and for cleaning stubborn stains, a spot stream will work.


Convenient operation

Another advantage of GF4 is its simple and convenient operation. The nozzle is equipped with a special lock, so you don't have to strain your hand. In addition, the hose triples in length, when there is water, resulting in a length of 15 meters. This allows you to use it freely, without limits.




MaterialAluminum alloy, ABS
Stream typesspray, flat, drizzle, sprinkler, spot
Weight218 g
The length of the nozzle5 m, filled with water: 15 m



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